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Kinofy Singapore

Bring the best of global retail to this tiny but powerful little red dot in Asia.

Singapore owns one of the most powerful currencies in Asia and is noted as

one of the top locations in the world to set up businesses.


Trust Kinofy to be the partner of international brands to effectively penetrate the Singapore market with ease, clarity and hassle-free trade distribution. We have successfully built some of the most noted household names in the market.


Leverage on our expertise and kickstart your Singapore operations with Kinofy.

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Singapore is consistently noted as the best place in the world to do business, not only for its strategic location but also because of its globally leading business infrastructure, attractive tax programmes and transparent compliance regimens.

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Singapore households are powered with 238.59 Mbps of broadband speed on average, more than twice the global average.

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Singapore is the world’s busiest port and established itself as one of the most reputable financial and regional trading center. The city-state leads first in indicators of economic status, political stability, and ease of doing business, and it has a favourable tax environment for investors.


With one of the world's leading standard of living, ease of travel across Asia and the rest of the world and a highly competent workforce, Singapore is the preferred headquarters for many companies operating in the region.

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52% of Singapore businesses say that unified commerce improves customer loyalty.

Source: PwC


Clients and Partners

Success Stories

Sharing our clients' success...

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Staying on top! South East Asia's leading beauty drink.

Kinohimitsu, South East Asia's leading collagen drink

After successfully launching the brand in over 6000 point of sales all over the world, Kinohimitsu aimed at making their products available to the growing number of health and wellness enthusiasts in China. Despite deploying their own team on the ground, their series of attempts at setting up local operations was still a challenge.


Since discovering the cross-border opportunity through Kinofy, the brand has finally met local requirements to register its extensive portfolio and efficiently runs its retail operations via WeChat. Kinofy supports both its front-end and back-end operations

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Kinofy TV

Shoot and share. We've created videos to let you know how we make business entry into the world's biggest economies compliantly, with ease.

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