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Through trade partnerships and market entry cross-border solutions, Kinofy collaborates with globally leading and start-up brands to break into Asia with clarity, trusted local collaborators and robust payment logistics and payment infrastructures.

Explore South-East Asia.

Kinofy brings globally leading brands from different parts of the world into Southeast Asia through the S.E.A.GO! programme. 


As trade partners, we scale our services from product registration,  logistics, warehousing, distribution, retail, sales fulfilment and digital marketing solutions. Get to know one of the world's most culturally diverse region today. 

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Conquer China.

The phenomenal success of social commerce in China is a unique challenge that global brands entering this giant economy face. Kinofy offers the smart solution to register, set-up and operate the business for international brands with ease.

We work with brands to create and operate their own WeChat store that is supported by customised social selling tools, order fulfillment services and international payment gateways.


Discover the innovative ways that social selling is happening in China and how international brands can do business it too, smartly. 

Instant Social Selling

JaaJaaGO! is Kinofy's platform for instagrammable brand tours. With O2O live streaming, gamification, as well as the aggregation of user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing efforts, Kinofy connects brands and their Asian consumers through direct online and offline touch points. 

Pre-pandemic, JaaJaaGo held its retail safari bringing over 15 brands into 5 key cities in China. In addition to retail pop up events, local platforms Weibo and Little Red Book were set up to win the trust of Chinese shoppers. 

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Kinofy TV

Shoot and share. We've created videos to let you know how we make business entry into the world's biggest economies compliantly, with ease.

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