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Kinofy Myanmar

Explore Myanmar, Asia's land of natural abundance.
Tucked between Thailand, Laos, China, India, and Bangladesh, Myanmar is the home of 55 million people. Infamous for its hot air balloons hovering over ancient cities and temples, the country formerly known as Burma thrives with its agriculture, mining, tourism and oil & gas industries. 
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Myanmar being in the British territory for more than 60 years produced affluent English speaker. English has also been a part of university's education. There is also a growing numbers of Japanese speaker in Myanmar. Examinees for JLPT (Japanese Language Test) has increased to 12,000 and is still rising year by year.

Myanmar is in between China and India, the 2 of the world's largest market. Myanmar provides excellent conditions for trading and several world's shipping lanes. East and fast access route from China to the Indian ocean is possible through Myanmar.

The country's abundant resources and transitioning to becoming a more open economy contributes to the rising exports of Myanmar. It includes natural gas, agricultural products, precious and semi-precious stones, garments, and rice.

As a member of ASEAN, Myanmar also participates in all intra-ASEAN trade agreements as well as trade agreements.

Myanmar's effort to increase the level of foreign investment have them focused on their infrastructure development and creating new investor friendly policies. Now, foreign investors has a perks of income tax exemption for 5 years, 50% relief of profits for manufacturers and exemption of custom duty and internal taxes on machinery and raw materials. 

Myanmar Revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$3,4M in 2022.

Source: Statistica, Myanmar's eCommerce Industry

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Staying on top! South East Asia's leading beauty drink.

Kinohimitsu, South East Asia's leading collagen drink

After successfully launching the brand in over 6000 point of sales all over the world, Kinohimitsu aimed at making their products available to the growing number of health and wellness enthusiasts in China. Despite deploying their own team on the ground, their series of attempts at setting up local operations was still a challenge.


Since discovering the cross-border opportunity through Kinofy, the brand has finally met local requirements to register its extensive portfolio and efficiently runs its retail operations via WeChat. Kinofy supports both its front-end and back-end operations

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Kinofy TV

Shoot and share. We've created videos to let you know how we make business entry into the world's biggest economies compliantly, with ease.

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