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Kinofy has appointed Geometry as their partner for Kinofy-led ChinaGo! Project

Kinofy is pleased to appoint Geometry, a global WPP-owned Creative Commerce agency, as our partner for Kinofy-led ChinaGo! project.

CEO & Co-Founder of Kinofy, Mr. Kawee Chong, “Kinofy-led ChinaGo! is an O2O Instagrammable experiential brand tour for overseas brands across various China cities. ChinaGo! incorporates cross-border social eCommerce, O2O Retail, O2O live streaming, O2O gamification, KOL, and KOC marketing to drive the participating merchants’ business in China. Through Kinofy’s robust cross-border eCommerce platform, overseas brands can now enter into China market in a simple, smart, and seamless manner. We are pleased to appoint and forge an innovative partnership with Geometry, the world-renowned end-to-end Creative Commerce Agency, to build an authentic and individualized brand relationship in this social commerce ecosystem, which is incomparable in an increasingly digital environment. Stronger together, this collaboration will certainly bring ChinaGo! project to the successful fruition!”

CEO of Geometry, Ms. Tracy Fu, “After five months of in-depth evaluation and rigorous pitch assessment, Kinofy officially appointed Geometry China as its strategic partner to launch its cross border social commerce platform into China. This appointment fully embodies and demonstrated our strategic omni-channel capabilities of our china team in support of localizing overseas brands into China. We are delighted to provide in-depth insight and analysis of consumers in digital commerce space, which leads to end-to-end capability empowerment of Kinofy services in China. We believe this cooperation will be a win-win situation for both sides, especially helping Kinofy to leap forward in the increasingly competitive cross border social commerce space in China.”

We trust that this synergistic collaboration between Kinofy and Geometry will help to build more successful overseas brands in China!



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